Dust Light

A year has passed. A four-year trial has been completed. The stern warning has been given out in its due season.

A few have listened while others have fallen deep within their slumber. The sleepers though will eventually wake as the weight of Samson pushes against the pillars of complacency. By then, it will be too late for many.

Yet for those who have chosen wisely, a door has been opened. This opening brings about a renewed purpose. It is a purpose which breaks away from the organized madness to reveal a deeper meaning.

This message will focus on you now.

Many of us have been led astray for years, thinking that a person or religion will save us. We were fed the lie that we could prosper without looking upon our own fears or cleaning up our own dwellings. Those days are over.

It is time to reveal the ugliness that has remained dormant for so long. To tackle issues we conveniently forgot about.

Isn’t that what enlightenment is all about? To reflect the dust which coats our bedroom shelves?

Do not be afraid to see this imperfection… for now is the time to tackle the chore. It is time to clean our rooms and prepare for a family arrival. It is time to walk perfectly amongst an imperfect world, to put on the valued garments while discarding the filthy rags… for only the appropriate clothing will be accepted at the marriage feast.

This is a time to prepare. To take a bath in the flowing river.

It is time to get cleaned up.