Most of us are taught to view good and evil in terms of polarity. Although there is dichotomy between the two, they do not have equal footing nor are they evenly distributed.

In fact, it is a very lopsided affair.

Years ago, used to picture a contest between two groups enacting a game of tug-of-war. It would go back and forth with one side striving to gain victory over the other. It was as if each faction had the innate ability to gain ground.

In reality, the act is similar to how an owner plays with a pet. The owner has control and can stop the session at any time – the pet, on the other hand, believes that it has the natural ability to overcome its owner. This, though, is only a test of the animal’s will.

In the scriptures, we learn how a fallen angel challenged the Father’s ways by declaring an alternate arrangement. The Father, in response, met the challenge – he would allow this tainted system to flourish until the fullness of its time had passed. When complete, it would prove (once and for all) which method was best. There would be no doubt to its judgement.

The Father has this all under control. He has merely loosened the rope, yet still holds an all-consuming grip. This is being done to show us, in detail, the wages of transgression.

There are many paths of transgression. Without the light, you will stumble in many directions. It is as if walking without a compass at hand. One is lost in one’s own will.

Yet the path of righteousness is direct and singular. It is neither perverse nor corruptible.

Think of it as a lightsaber. The true path is narrow and gets brighter as you get closer to the core. All other paths stemming away from the origin lead to darkness. Many fail to see this because they are too busy playing with the toy instead of gleaning from the story it tells.

Given our fleshly nature, we have all gotten lost in the night at one point or another. The path of redemption is going towards the light. We must watch for the signs that will lead us home.

Will we be vigilant? Will we submit ourselves to the higher arrangement?