The Light in Young Woman

Am very thankful to those supporting this message.

Know that these words are totally copyright free. If they resonate with you, you can post and share as called to do so. You are welcome to break down these words for easier digestion. You may elaborate if needed. Those who purposely misuse them though will have the curse, so be wary. As with any fire that burns, use responsibly.

You may have noticed that the word “I” is avoided, either used within a humbling fashion or to highlight an essential truth. It is not to hide yet to surrender to the calling. It is also to help the words become more relatable to the listener.

Had given many writings in the past. Am going to start revisiting these writings within a mature light so people can glace deeper as to what was spoken about. Given the many teachers who cater to itching ears, going to present these writings in a sobering-like manner.

Many will not like what is said, yet Knighthood (the path to servant behavior, in the spiritual sense) requires a very serious mind for training. Given the lack of seriousness seen with various groups, am very distraught with the social club mentality as it has promoted weak-minded behavior. The sword work seen is extremely clumsy and easily parried, as many wield improperly to play as a child in make believe.

The words shared are to provide a submissive strength, in order to reveal a greater strength. It will go against ideologies and belief systems.

Thank you for reading.