The following is a revisit of an early writing given eighteen years ago. Here it is in its updated form:

Many are stuck in a spiritual bind. Unable to move from their current state of dismay, they wait patiently for deliverance… yet their hearts remain cold, indifferent. Unable to adapt, they quickly block themselves from the inside out. A suspended animation persists.

Carbonite is a very useful element in Star Wars, used to preserve, protect, and transport resources more efficiently. Yet the effects it has on humans can be detrimental. Things can go wrong in the carbon-freezing process. It can kill people, separate family and friends. Act as a manipulative tool, leading people into darkness. It’s goal is to essentially create a human encasement, one dictated by the monetary exchange of flesh and blood.

So many are spiritually frozen in such an element. They have become a product, a favorite display piece for someone else’s decor. Driven by financiers, they remain silent of their condition as the gang surrounds them. There may be a grown content from living inside this solid-gas bubble, yet it acts as nothing more than the intentional stalling of personal growth.

Awakening people from such suspended animation can be difficult. Various side-effects can result, such as blindness, dizziness, memory loss, and mild unconsciousness. There is a heavy shaking. A blurred realization of a world they have returned to.

It can be a confusing moment in time. Can one adapt to this new change?

Yet know there is someone on the other side. A Father who earnestly cares and seeks a renewal of relationship. He will rescue us from the cold, metal monolith, yet our spirit must earnestly desire this freedom.

Are you frozen in carbonite?