The ringing earache in my right ear after the flu has taught me the importance of hearing. By hearing, we are able to follow instructions. We quiet ourselves and how we think things need to play out.

You see, this world is the theater. The theater of the universe. And how we act in this life is seen by those not only upon this earth, but those beyond it. Many of us are being called to participate in a play. How will we act? That depends on how we follow the director… and the script he has provided for us.

The script (scriptures) are a guide, a compass for those who truly seek to learn of their roles. By learning, we find out who we are and how to respond accordingly. Yet when we participate in the task, it is especially important to learn the way of the director. How does he want me to perform? This requires a personal relationship. It takes daily commitment, practice. Sincerity, humility. That of a listening spirit who is willing to take orders and fulfill them.

Many people might think the director is unreasonable. That he is overbearing and restrictive. Yet the truth is he is there to tell a story. To set up the actors and locations. If we only learn to obey his voice, listen to his cues, and do what he says, we would understand our purpose. Yet we are so quick to argue. To give our opinions of how things should work. And it is this rebelliousness that gets us into trouble.

Hearing comes by doing. By obeying the ways of life, and humbly following the path that has been destined before us, we are able to accomplish great things in his name. Instead of fighting with the director and self-interpreting how things should play out, simply do what he says. He is watching you and desires to capture your best performance. He will remove the scenes you aren’t too happy about… yet it takes commitment. It takes a relationship.

You see, this ringing in the ear is stressful, yet it has taught me the importance of looking for his signs. Seeing and hearing his cue signals. Paying attention. It’s a reminder that although you may be a seasoned performer, if you try things your way, you will get in trouble every time. Let the director direct you.