While it is time to kneel at the Father’s feet, it is also time to stand against evil and its oppressions.   Both actions pave the way to restoration and healing.

Today, we are eager to arouse our personal persuasions and observations—more faith is placed on perception than what is genuine.  Because of this, our world has bolstered voices which do not provide substance in due season.   Societal pressures, aiming to rid the masses of true conviction and constructive sense, have forced people into a conflicting cohesion.   This, in turn, has brought an unbridled arrogance.

Look at what has happened with the structures of finance, communication, travel, science, and entertainment.  It is all too apparent seeing the folly overtaking these establishments!   Such foolishness could be avoided if we stood for the higher principle.

What we need is a steady foundation.  By standing strong in the Father ways, we find a greater power—we are fashioned in complete and capable armor withstanding all schemes of the adversaries (Ephesians).  His reign, clothed in strength, is eternal and cannot move (Psalms 93).

Massing great amounts of reeds does not alter the nature of its bending!  A slew of ambiguous, inconsistent standards, moving whichever way the wind blows, will not save us in perilous waters.

Let us clear our dashboard and rejuvenate ourselves with sound and sure discernment.