Children in Class

Took a week off from work. Spending half of it so far by pulling weeds, with the other half cleaning items in the garage. Before posting the introduction for The Father Be With You, it is good to be sure the physical house is in order first before speaking about setting one’s house in order. The mind has to be sober.

When pointing the finger, we must remember three small fingers are pointing back. Hence the three days spent. There are certain individuals who need to hold themselves to the higher standard. It is easy to tell ourselves, “Everyone makes mistakes.” We call it into being, then we wonder why we have people in misjudgement, misguided and confused. Just because we see everyone do a thing doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Nor does that give us the entitlement to lower the standard so everyone else can follow it.

Instead of being quick to use the ‘J’ word, it is best to practice and show what it means to know the lifestyle through and through. Hence this new series being shared. It will act as a rod (a bokken or yard stick if you will) and at times will be hard to hear. It is to test your endurance. Without the challenge, there is no learning. There is no award given.

As the saying goes, “Experience is a hard teacher… because she gives the test first, then the lesson afterward.”

What we need to see from the Father is a tough love. Not abusive, yet definitely not soft as we see in our culture today. Many cannot deal with difficulties or hardship, quickly snapping when things don’t work the way they want. Yet see the greater wisdom in the trial here.

Allow him to teach the way within your life. If we listen, and go through the teachings with humility and attentiveness, he will ingrain himself in us… and will be there when we withstand the harshest conditions.