Counsel of the Sith

One of the greatest disconnections held today is a lack of deep, spiritual relationship. Due to the pressures of our current social construct, relations between people are quite shallow and generalized, overly self-absorbed and opinionated, while, at the same time, built to retain a blanket of tolerable acceptance. Important affairs are postponed due to a confusion of non-discerning minds who cannot judge between a basic concept of right and wrong. We live in a very indecisive world.

This activity is simply brewing a series of emotional, untamed onslaughts towards all forms of confrontational matters. We fail to adapt to a matured audience because of our extremely weak inability to relate.

It is no wonder why the current concept of the Force is embraced by so many today. It has become an impersonal and non-judgmental deity, an excuse to remain hold of theoretical stances without being thoroughly tested in the fires of examination. It has excused behavior instead of challenging it.

It is in the scriptures we learn of a personal creator. We recognize a Father which holds us accountable towards our actions, providing strong council to those willing to follow the ways of life. This, though, requires a daily sacrifice, a deep commitment that provides true reconciliation for our past failures. In turn, we are joined to a spiritual family that is not only relatable, yet orderly.

We must not look up to a god of stone which excuses ongoing perversion. The worship of such an object will only pervert society, furthering it closer towards the doors of oblivion.

This is a moment in time to make a clear distinction… instead of gluing everything together in a flavorful package. Are we able to get past the dark cloud of shallowness and get back to what matters most? Are we willing to do what is right and just in our own lives, instead of remaining complacent in our own vain opinions?