No Fruit

Actions speak louder than words. Just as a tree is identified by its fruit, one can identify a spirit within people’s actions.

As Yahshua says in the book of Matthew, by your fruits you shall know them. Every good tree brings forth good fruit… yet the tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.

Have looked at groups who depict a welcoming appearance, decorated by honorable words, creeds, maxims, and so forth. Yet as the Pharisees in Yahshua’s time, see large tassels flutter in the wind with a pompous arrogance. An aura of ignorance that all is well and good in the bubble.

It is distasteful to find this. Yet the script warns us that we are not to touch the profane thing, nor eat from the corrupted tree. For the ax is already at the root of the trees, as said the Baptist. A spirit has come which will burn the chaff with unquenchable fire.

And although these trees decoratively covered themselves with leaves, they will not be able to cover their real nakedness… that being their lack of nourishing fruit.

There is a sincere hunger out there. Those who desperately desire to know the truth and walk the path of honor and virtue. Yet you cannot have this without walking in righteousness. Without relationship, there is no release.

We have turned our hearts away from the Father, finding ‘this’ and ‘that’ way to excuse our actions. In effect… we have strayed far from the way.

What we need today is not another way. Not another tree filled with leaves, yet no good fruit. Let us go back to the way which was lost. The one before we attempted to hide ourselves, covering our nakedness. And ask forgiveness.

His spirit is willing to forgive. Yet we must be willing to kneel. It is this very act which will save us.