After helping a friend in need, felt impressed (for some weeks now) to share insight on the highest form of love one can experience.

The scriptures mainly refer to this experience as knowing⁠—this being a personal, intimate relationship with the Father. There are, though, some newer testament writings in which this is referred to as charity. This particular word refers to the command from the Torah (as quoted by Yahshua) to love the Father with all that you are, as well as to love others as you would yourself. It also refers to a sign of one’s true loyalty to the Father’s ways.

Today, charity has a different connotation then it did originally. Most people are taught that it means to provide help and support for others—whether it is raising money for a cause, making a voluntary donation or contribution, or creating a taskforce of needful services. It is also sometimes seen as a lenient compassion or concerned kindness. Although such acts support good causes, they also represent personal passions which can, at times, be rooted in selfish motivations. Examples of this are seen through the earnings of positive attention (public relations) and the exemption/reduction of payment or statute (such as taxation or communal mandate).

True charity, though, is not to be given selflessly or to comfort personal desires—it is expressed because the Father first shown such love within us. By performing this act, others are seen the will of the Father and are given the allowance to reap blessings from those who obey his word.

Charity is, essentially, an extension of his will to others.

The key understanding here is to truly experience the love the Father gives. We cannot give charity to others when we do not take the time and effort to invest in a deep, intimate relationship with the Father. How can we share the Father’s love when we do not experience it within us? It is our investment which determines the experience others will receive through our giving. If it is done out of pomp or greed, for instance, people will be taught to see him in this very light.

Do not allow yourself to help steer others away from his glory. Walk according to his ways—not because you have to, yet because you love him with your whole being. By knowing the Father and doing what he says, people are given a true reflection of him.

Know him so that others can know him. This is the great law of the universe.