Into the Ark

Noach (Noah), a chosen one, heard the voice of the Father and did according to the Father’s will. In so doing, not only was Noach saved–his family, along with the called-out animals, were saved as well.

Although it is easy to browse through what this righteous one did, it is essential to take upon a closer inspection. This is why we will dig a bit deeper into the story to learn more of his important message.

Let us first note that Noach was given favor–not only by heeding the Father’s instructions, yet by remaining faithful in completing the Father’s commands (however detailed or difficult they would become). Because of this, Noach’s right living was confirmed–it was witnessed from the food he prepared, the animals he gathered, and the sanctuary he constructed. These actions were made possible through Noach’s steadfast obedience.

We should also note what others during his time did not do. Instead of faithfully responding to the upcoming storm, which was prophesied by the teacher Henoch (Enoch) through the life and death of his son Methuselah, the people were too occupied to take heed of Noach’s performance. Although many animals were called into the ark, very few people recognized a similar appointment.

Some reading this may have been given a similar task as Noach–yet the focus and urgency needed requires a maturity only few are able to contain. For us to yield to this development, a consistent, humbling contemplation is needed.

With that said, not everyone has been told to build an ark–some are simply told to come inside it before the storm appears. Both tasks, though, will appear difficult among a vulgar crowd.

Noach’s message may have appeared divisive and unpopular to many at that time–in the end, though, it was found to be one of promise and deliverance. This is why it is essential to recognize Noach’s message to us today. As Yahshua once prophesied to his disciples, “as the days of Noach were, so will the coming of the Son of Man.” Before the flood, many ate, drank, and married until the day Noach entered the ark. They did not know until the flood came and took them away.

The Father desires certain people to know what is to come, although we must, as Noach did, be willing to obey and perform. To know the Father requires a fervent relationship–one that is able to bend in order for the saving to occur. We can find relationship by heeding his call and acting out his higher will.

If one is to be properly knighted, one must kneel. Let us be gifted with the task to surrender ourselves–and, in so doing, be given the keys to salvation.