It is amazing how we do not fully appreciate the abundant gifts we have been given. How often we throw away the endless charities brought before us on a silver platter.

Yet when we earnestly invest, putting in the hard work, sweat, and toil, we seem to care much more than for the handouts received.

The Father is asked in Psalm 90 to “let your work appear unto your servants, and your glory unto their children… establish the work of our hands.” It’s a wonderful passage, reminding us that our hands are made to work… and that it is work which allows “the beauty of Yah our Father be upon us.”

The Father is a spirit who loves to work. He is constantly working inside his children, moving us, keeping us directed and in focus. It is in him we find that every moment is indeed precious. To waste it for vain things is a great depreciation of our worldly visit.

“Teach us to number our days,” the passage says, “that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

Many say that life is a gift. Yes, there are many gifts it brings… yet life is something that is paid for. It took work to bring you in this world; the planning of your birth, the price paid to raise you. In my life and countless others, so many people took the time and effort to provide us opportunities to live.

It has been paid in tears, pain…. and in blood.

The Father took great care to create a human bring. He breathed life into our very nostrils. Even when we rebelled from his blessing, the Messiah himself paid his life so that a chosen people can be free. Work was done for us to live in holiness.

The original Star Wars movies show us how it took persistence and hard work to fight off an evil Empire. Even when outnumbered, the will to overcome hardship, sacrificing their lives for what is right… swayed the tide from the clutches of the Emperor.

Opportunities didn’t just fall on their lap. They were recognized when individuals took the initiative by humbling themselves for the greater cause.

We see a similar drive in scripture, such as books as Joshua and Nehemiah. We read of Abraham hearing the calling from the Father, quite similar to Luke Skywalker. It is the calling which drives him forward in faith to the promised land.

Evil things come about when good people do nothing. For those who hear a distant calling, take this moment to see your life is not worth wasting.

The fruits are worth it.