Cave Trial

In Star Wars, it was crucial for initiates to pass what was known as the Jedi trials. These series of tests displayed one’s reaction towards isolation, fear, betrayal, forgiveness, and many other important attributes.

Note that the word ‘trials’ refers to more than one trial. It was depicted within a series of acts which stretched over critical moments in time. Also note that the trials were not only to be completed, yet to be passed with certainty. The mere act of participation proved nothing more than eagerness.

These reasons alone demonstrate how the trials were essential prior to any consideration of knighthood.

In the scriptures, we find a very similar concept. We learn how Moses was tried in the wilderness many years prior to his calling back to Egypt. Yahshua (Jesus) himself also was tempted in the wilderness prior to his mission. We read of others, like Abraham, David, and Gideon, all who passed trials prior to fulfilling their roles.

Today, we hear of people claiming to follow a path of honor and virtue. Yet, in return, we do not hear of the passing of their trials. We do not learn of the rigorousness they had to endure. A spirit of meekness is not found in them. Only a hard stiffness.

It is this reaction which has encouraged this message to continue forward.

There is a responsibility in this act… as if the teaching moment needs to continue until there is not only an acknowledgment, yet a passing. Ignoring it will only make it worse.

The Father has made it known that there are trials coming. Get ready for it. For it is the trial which teach us who we are, as well as who we are not. Its primary responsibility is to challenge us, observing our reaction at certain times of decision and duress.

What is the fruit that will come out of it? Will it find us worthy of passing?

We are finding out.