Going to be going over some common terms that are associated to Jedi, and depict the matured, spiritual attribute. Sadly the physical aspect has taken great precedence over the spiritual in recent years, creating unnatural doctrine, mass confusion, and unhealthy living. The script consistently reminds us not to worship the natural object, yet to understand the meaning of what its telling you. The controversies our society faces today are due to the vast inner battles we struggle to overcome. This is why prayer and fasting is of such importance at this time, to differentiate between the holy and the profane.

Temple – The mind and body of the spirit. We look too much for the physical place, yet do not understand that without the spirit of holiness, the building is dead. Without breath of fire, and true dedication, we are building an empty shell. Those who have an ear, hear.

Order – The unadulterated directive of the Father to perform without hesitation. People turn to man-made writings for direction, serving these guides without question—leading them astray towards destruction. If the Father does not speak in the words, there is no light in them. We must learn to respect the Master over the masses of those who may say they speak for him, yet do not follow his commands.

Council – The spirit is confirmed in witnesses. It is not a building of great leaders by reputation, yet those who lead a life of prime example, walking in spiritual truth. We speak so passionately about our wanton desires, yet darken the counsel of the Spirit without knowledge. As the Father said to Job, stand up like a man and answer only to that which you are given. Otherwise, we ought to refrain. To know in the relational sense is the meaning of the word Jedi.

Code – The commands that the Father has given. In Psalms 119, it also states such of his precepts, his word, his statues, his ways. The relation between principle with the source is critical. A body can tell you what is right and wrong, yet if the origin of its morality and legality is not recognized as being from the true source of life, you will walk the ways of death. Again, you will walk the ways of death.

Creed – The statement of faith in action. We are way too busy telling people personal interpretation and perspective, not successfully performing and confirming the practice to be Spirit lead. Do not be so quick to state until you have faithfully performed.

Compass – The true guide and shepherd which leads us home. The word of the Father is a lamp unto the feet, and a light unto the path. He leads to green pastures and still waters, restoring the soul. If the Masters rod and staff is absent, we will walk lost in a world of wolves. If you are straying from his words, do not blame him if you get into trouble. Call out for wholesome guidance.

Gathering – A place in which his people are herded. We focus way to much on finding peaceful reservations, yet do not reserve our souls for his influence. When two or more are gathered in his name, he will make himself known to them. Yet if we gather to make names for ourselves, it will only lead to babble.

Again, these are the matured meanings. Do not focus on the object to save you, yet understand its purpose. This is a time to set your house in commune with the Father and his kingdom. This community will continue to stray until it learns to cry out. Blessed be the Father and his chosen. It is time to tear down the towers of vanity and go back home.