Talk Too Much

Too many words fall off the palettes of various lips without properly presenting the matter to the higher will. Because of this, many are led by jabber than by genuine direction–it is rather revolting to see such rampant, unchecked spew.

Briefly glanced at some recent chatter taking place in various corners–it does not take long before the browser tabs close. Whenever an inclination comes of a moment to address, the actions of the participants determine its timing indefinite.

So very few know how to ward the tongue. If one cannot guard this most powerful instrument, how can one be placed in position to guard towers, let alone the minds of others?

Those who desire greater things should first find faithfulness in the little–for within the little are found the great. Do not be concerned about sensing beyond until you have gathered your immediate senses. Firstly, do you give order to your ear, “When you hear this falsehood, you will not act according to it”? Do you also instruct your taste, “Although this gives pleasant flavor, it will not determine my well being”?

Fellow readers, it is this attuned community you are to lead–and if these members cannot work in unison, do not expect the outwardly to do the same. The outward result is a mere reflection of the inner.

Before a thought comes to your head from the outside, be swift to protect its inner chamber–and when such has been given access, allow a fatherly refinement to take place before you produce. Do these regularly to the point the act becomes spontaneous… so that when you speak, you speak wholesomely. This practice will save you many cycles of grief and torment.

And when the higher will speaks, be silent.
He is to be master of the house.
Listen attentively and obey his commands.
Do not take it outside unless you have clearance.
And never, ever, hold yourself higher than him.

When you have finally been given directive to speak, speak as a servant who reveres the assignment–for those who respect the King will respect his message, along with his messenger.

Also take note of those who excel at reciting facts–they do not necessarily prove their excellence in interpretation. A recital, for instance, may be quite logical and elaborate, yet does not always garner a praising response. Rise above the pettiness.

A silent one, at times, gives appearance of good counsel and experience. Yet when it comes time to speak, speak, and speak it faithfully. As the moon, you will turn tides from their present motions–and the pull will be too great to subdue.