Walking Through the Woods

Remember watching the Qui-Gon destiny poem when the Phantom Menace was released. Still think of these words often.

For those of you who don’t know the poem, it goes like this:

It will be a hard life.
One without reward, without remorse, without regret.
A path will be placed before you. The choice… is yours alone.
Do what you think you cannot do. It will be a hard life.
But you will find out… who you are.

The Father has provided some of us great blessings which we have taken for granted. And because of our foolish choices, we have been led astray from the destined path. Many have chosen a life of instant gratification, and, in doing so, eventually live a life of despair and disappointment.

Destiny is not based on human reasoning or emotion, yet the attuned awareness of direction provided by the Master. There are markers and warning signs throughout our lives we have ignored. The more we ignore these signs, the further away we stray from our purpose. We will pay less and less attention to the guilt that is eating away at us.

Today, we find large herds of people who have chosen the life of a drone. Drones, who say they are individuals, yet fall under the beat of the same drum.. marching forward along the broad way toward destruction. Many rationalize that just because everyone else is marching towards the same ditch, the path therefore must be true. The beginning seems like an easier hike… yet, due to the lack of friction, many become lax and soft, neglecting sound principle and judgement.

On the other hand, the straight and narrow path is hard and very challenging. Yet it is this challenge which tells us who we are.

The Jedihood message acts as measuring rod to those who may say they practice similar ways as the Jedi, yet do not live by it. Instead of following the standard, they follow the crowd and do not purge their vanities. This is the path of death.

Yet those who choose to walk in humbleness, letting go of the towers of pride and rebelliousness, will learn to kneel.

And by kneeling… they are knighted.