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A Trail of Trials

When reminiscing about challenges of the past, am often reminded of the tiredness… yet also carry a fond realization of completeness.  The path has been difficult yet satisfying.  Time has been spent wisely on producing according to conscience—rather than pleasing a crowd or catering for social attention.  Have been investing in greater treasures which pay higher dividends.

The Father promises his called-out ones that when we follow his commands we will be handsomely rewarded.  There may be dire instances in the way yet we cannot give up hope.   When we tithe our most precious time and self-filling opportunities for his sake, we help further establish his kingdom, granting him greater prominence (which he rightfully deserves).   We offer a true, worthy sacrifice (ourselves) by choosing to serve towards his desires in the best manner possible.   This is an act he greatly respects.

While we pray to the Father, know that he carefully inspects the blazed trail… diligently noting the choices made.   Is the trail filled with a humble heart which celebrates his being?   For the moments of weakness, it is best they are inspected now (do not wait until the latter judgment).   We must also prevent pride from getting in the way of growth (ask for the Father’s assistance to overcome this trap).

My prayer is for his people to see this trail of trials… to help them make better decisions in their own lives.  In doing so, the Father's ways will be further promoted.

Life is precious and wanes quickly—let not your light be quenched!