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1st Message of Yochanan — Free Downloads

The Father has blessed these hands and found a method to start offering downloads of his messages here for free.   You can download any of the messages from the 1st Message of Yochanan series by clicking on the link below:

The password is: 1styochanan

Feel free to pass this link and password to whom you are specifically called to do so.   Although, in giving this message, a specific word has been associated to anyone who attempts to steal these words of the Father and use them in their own vanity.   To do so will bring a curse of spiritual barrenness (you have been warned).   Yet for those who humble themselves and allow his message to truly come upon you... a spiritual blessing will begin to come upon you and you will be given a spiritual fruit.

This gift is being given specifically for the elect Qodesh ones.   With that said, many others around them will be blessed from this offering.