Future Predictions was my first keyboard album created back in 2004. The contained tracks were played and recorded directly from a purchased Yamaha DGX-500, which was a new, affordable keyboard at the time. It has a facetious, loungy type of sound.

It took a good amount of keyboard practice on the DGX to develop this project. The first two albums solely relied on MIDI software programs and the typical Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth (they were eventually updated to the Coolsoft Virtual MIDI Synth). In contrast, this project relied on the Yamaha Voices and Styles, providing a much broader musical range then was previously available.

Future Predictions was originally meant to be two albums. Due to playing error (it was recorded with analog play) and lack of keyboard/software experience, it was simplified to one album in a 10-track format. It wasn’t though released online until three years later as a supplemental work.

Years later was finally able to properly and heavily remaster/fix this album, bringing back most of its tracks from the cutting room floor. It is great to hear many of the keys fixed along with a (much improved) sound quality. It is now an 18-track album, playing just over an hour in length. This particular release comes very close to capturing the original concept a decade and a half ago.

Listener response to this album was minimal. Metropolis was a small breakthrough in terms of keyboard technique. Symmetry was my first piece on the Yamaha DGX. Unwired and Far Outskirts are my favorites. Only Predictions is very bittersweet as it reminds me of my early days playing music, when it was just me in my room playing to myself.

All music on this album is composed by Yahunatan (Jonathan Raimer). Keyboards and programming by Yahunatan. Composed in 2004.

Website – Yahunatan.com

You are allowed to use this music in your projects, yet please give appropriate credit (the same as you would want to be treated). Thank you.