This album returns to the themes portrayed in the Leviticus project. The second part of a three part series. Although similar to the first album, Leviticus II applies more techniques and tools to produce an updated electronica sound.

The Leviticus project had the daunting task of capturing major themes in the middle book of the Torah called Leviticus, or book of the priesthood. Known as the shunned book of today, the name of the Father (tetragrammaton) is imprinted throughout its pages with a sabbatical (seven) spacing sequence. Various electronica was used instead of classical music as the book focuses on rebellion and righteousness.

It was daunting to follow up from the first album. Needed an extra year before revisiting. Took much patience and trial, yet was necessary to complete the Leviticus series. Leviticus 14 became a favorite for listeners. Leviticus 9 and 13 are my personal favorites.

Each Leviticus album was created on FL Studio with plugins, yet primarily focuses on a specific plugin series. This was done on purpose to help give each album a different expressive sound:

Leviticus – Sytrus (and related plugins) on FL Studio (10)
Leviticus II – Arturia V Collection (4)
Leviticus III – Omnisphere (2)

First Leviticus album:
Leviticus III –

All music on this album is composed by Yahunatan (Jonathan Raimer). Keyboards and programming by Yahunatan. Composed in 2017.

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You are allowed to use this music in your projects, yet please give appropriate credit (the same as you would want to be treated). Thank you.