A breakthrough album. The first Meditations project captures a life story spoken with piano and strings. Contains intimate, peaceful melodies which has touched the heart of various listeners. The album holds a mature sound which has stood the test of time. Has a classical Vangelis feel.

At the time of this recording, had completed three albums (two using a MIDI program and one using the recently purchased Yamaha DGX-500). It was a frustrating time given the difficulty of manifesting what was being played inside my being. Eventually learned how to tell a story about myself. Not easy to do. The album succeeds in its honesty. As the title implies, they are actual meditations from musing the past.

The track Heavenly Presence became a fan favorite after the album’s public release in 2007, representing a highlight in my musical journey.

All music on this album is composed and played by Yahunatan (Jonathan Raimer). Keyboards and programming by Yahunatan. Composed in 2005.

Website – Yahunatan.com

You are allowed to use this music in your projects, yet please give appropriate credit (the same as you would want to be treated). Thank you.