Be taken away to a beautiful world.

This wonderful flute piece was created with sounds from the Mellotron, along with help from Solina and Prophet (provided by Arturia and Omnisphere). Composed instantly while in a heightened state.

Quick, deep relaxation in under five minutes. Enjoy.

The music in this video is composed and played by Yahunatan (Jonathan Raimer). Keyboards and programming by Yahunatan. Composed on November 29th, 2019. Video created on October 25th, 2023.

Special thanks to:

Adege for “Sunset Sea Sun”, “Sea of Fog”, “Sunset Sun Hill”, and “Sunrise Fog Landscape”
Anton Lukin for “Mountains Forest Nature”
Bellergy for “Islands Ocean Sunrise”
Christian Bodhi for “Ocean Sunset Dark Clouds”
Clear Stream Film for “Trees Light Forest”
Jamboo 7809 for “Forest Aerial View Nature”
JustYøu for “Grass Dew Field”
Matthias Groeneveld for “Forest Nature Fog” and “Forest Trees River”
Newarta for “Forest Nature Landscape”
Roberto My Life for “Sea Iceland Ocean”

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You are allowed to use this music in your projects, yet please give appropriate credit (the same as you would want to be treated). Thank you.