An important goal in composing is to allow the music to tell the story. Sometimes we cater too much to what we want to hear, stalling our growth. Zugzwang stays away from this trap, telling a story from a nontraditional, yet honest fashion.

The word “zugzwang” in German means “compulsion to move,” or a forced movement which brings about personal disadvantage. Society is constantly forcing us to perform in this manner. Sometimes the best move is not to play.

Zugzwang is an ambient, darker work that digs deep into the frailties within. The title track, An Unknown Odyssey, represents a pinnacle in my musical journey and is my best ambient work. Had to be creative to get it to save properly on the Yamaha DGX-500. You can learn more about what happened here:

All music on this album is composed and played by Yahunatan (Jonathan Raimer). Keyboards and programming by Yahunatan. Composed in 2013.

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You are allowed to use this music in your projects, yet please give appropriate credit (the same as you would want to be treated). Thank you.