Been taking some time to reflect, read, and study on some things.

Also been struggling a bit to keep quiet as long as it has been.  There are so many things that could be said and it is starting to bother me—but it is best not to tread a direction that will bring back old vomit (the old self must die first).

It’s been hard to break desires and to step away from things once loved—to loosen ties, to drop habits and images.  They must though be torn down.  Whatever falsehoods remain have to be removed.  This must be done in order to allow the appropriate spirit to dwell within.

The main thing is to learn the lesson—not having to constantly re-experience it over and over.  It must be confronted and surpassed.

There are still a lot of questions—not all of it has been figured out.  With that said, there is a clear truth being showed within.  Many more answers now appear—and, because of it, an unwavering grows.  This time, though, it should not be cast out before all (swine consume what you give them and eventually move on to the next work-less meal).    It should only be spoken to those who should hear.  No one else.

Let the rest… guess.

It also has to remain on something greater, in which the focus is on a subject that should have praise (instead of a build for ourselves).  Let the attention stay where it belongs—for its not about just us any more, but justice.

That judgment is coming.