The Burning

The world is no longer recognizable as it was in my early years. We are definitely heading into a new world—for the worse.

Image Culture

With all the effective communication resources now available, it seems we are having a harder and harder time communicating.   This essentially means we are also having a hard time understanding.

Age of Complacency

As we grow fat, we fight inner depressions with tight schedules of grind—and cyclical patterns of amusement. The inner machine, hungry for the tanked gas and lubricated oil, eventually reaches a state of obsolescence.

A Start

It’s been hard to break desires and to step away from things once loved—to loosen ties, to drop habits and images.  They must though be torn down. 

Who is Your Lord?

Everyone, in truth, follows a Master—yet we must come to realize who our Master is. Ask yourself… who is your Lord? Who is your Shogun? And will you die for that Lord?

The Task of Admission

Our personal subjection to those who mentor us needs to be constantly combed for possible insurgence—for we cannot allow a mere discussion to give us ability to equate upon our rightful shepherd.


It is too easy for many to get stuck in the ritual and not the rightness. Energy is wasted on habitual activity instead of the significant message it promotes.


It is only natural for children to mimic the nurture provided by friends, parents, and siblings. But what happens when we imitate sources that are not only an illusion… but a lie?

Blood Moons

A couple of nights ago, I witnessed a blood moon in the heavens. Alongside it, was the planet Mars. A meteor then shot across the atmosphere like a shimmering sword.


It is very easy for external pressures to create an unnecessary urge to react. How many disasters could you have avoided, for instance, if you only controlled the compulsion to act upon your apathy?