Sometimes the best move is not to make one at all.

It is very easy for external pressures to create an unnecessary urge to react. How many disasters could you have avoided, for instance, if you only controlled the compulsion to act upon your apathy?

Some battles are not worth fighting while some certainly are.  That is why we should know the war at handbeing vigilant and testing the spirits.

Ask yourself, “What is the goal?”

We are easily manipulated and enslaved.   Take note the history of the world.  How many dictators have we seen? How many of us do their bidding? How easy it is for these tyrants to mold our mindsto make us do things we think we want to do, yet don’t.

As written in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, “All warfare is based on deception.” The greatest move your enemy can make is to form a false enemy in its place. How so many waste their strength on a facade.

Why fight a shadow? Why chase a string? Why spin the mouse wheel?

Stop and see the matter at hand. This, though, means it will get uncomfortable. It will get irritating. It won’t be popular and you won’t get brownie points.

The truth is we are selfish. Very selfish. We think too much about ourselves and what we want and need.  Then we wonder why things go bad? Maybe it is because we help cause ittrying to fit round pegs in square holes. It is a game you will always loose.

Here is wisdomthe war is within! Humble yourself.  Put the game away. Admit your falsehoods… and change.

This is the path toward victory.

As a side note, composed an album back in 2012 called Zugzwang.  You can listen to it by clicking the following link: