Today I was reminded of the limitations of human altruism. In an effort to plead my case to my overseer (parents), I allowed my desire to prove validation to overpower a guardianship.

To know one’s role in a family unit is importantand sometimes a slip of recognition can lead, at a moments notice, to dire consequences. We all make mistakes. The solution, though, lies in allowing humility to completely override personal endorsement.

Are we too vexed in proving a pointwhile, in the background, the order of reverence goes awry? If so, we must recognize this misdeed and confront it in admission. Only then can absolution take hold.

Our personal subjection to those who mentor us needs to be constantly combed for possible insurgencefor we cannot allow a mere discussion to give us ability to equate upon our rightful shepherd. Do not allow fears of inner confrontation sustain an outside rebelliousness. Admit your wrongs without a moments hesitationthe sooner, the better. One made, the ship can then be put back on course… and the path will be made straight.

The sooner this lesson is learned, the greater its wisdom will be received.