As time has gone by, this soul has noticed the fragile realities of this current discourse.

There are so many things to be said but not enough partakers to be able to listen and understand. Truth has thwarted my journey towards a state of solitude—for the casting of pearls before swine has seen its consequences.

No point in wasting breath.

It is obvious to see a judgment falling. At the same time, we dare not find blame in our actions.  Why would we wish to be warned of such?  Even if it was made known, many would never dare seek change—for no one likes to see one’s muck, especially as we are sirened towards the world’s delicacies.

Easier to see one’s potential than one’s chains.

And there are so many of us chained. Chained to our fantasy, our imagery. It is how we function. Being so trained upon such, we cannot bare the possibility that most (if not all) of our lives have either been used by someone else or have been wasted in vain—for we speak of vain things.

As Ecclesiastes points out, all is vanity. There is nothing new under the sun.

For in much wisdom, is much grief—and he, who increases knowledge, increases sorrow.

We all suffer when seeking the truth. It is hard to refrain from habits, step back, and deny the urges of the flesh. We have all gathered silver. We have become great in our eyes.

Yet what of the evil before us? Do we remain blind in order to thrive? Where do the labors take us?

Does the truth permit us to remain? As life passes, this soul finds the ever-higher costs of an awakened state. It is costlier than ever before.

But as fine gold, it is worth the price—and worth keeping.