In order to be knighted… one must kneel. This act alone should come without haste—for the path is one of servitude.

The Jedi in Star Wars come from myth, similar to the Knights of the Round Table or the Samurai. They represent a higher standard. Truth, justice, order, peace… values which promote responsibility, consequence, and sacrifice.

The goal is simple—letting go of yourself, your fleshly desires, to act in servility towards the will of your Lord. The orders given should not be questioned, yet simply followed… without hesitation or complaint. To submit to the calling. Knighthood is about giving a pure, undefiled loyalty to the Master—an act done without remorse… or regret. The directive is to surrender.

Everyone, in truth, follows a Master—yet we must come to realize who our Master is. Ask yourself… who is your Lord? Who is your Shogun? And will you die for that Lord?

To know the answer, one must first experience. This means relationship. To die of self, to unlearn what has been learned, and to hear the message being given. This is destiny. In the outcome, the Knight must stem from the roots of obedience. To serve with virtue. Even if it means going against the grain. Even if it requires desires to fall by the wayside.

Some on the path may see the roots of freedom… and allow the impression to form a cause of rebelliousness. For others, equality… though failures of many occupy their journey’s route. As for works… the sands of time wear down the complacent statue. Test spirits and learn the grounds you stand. For many worship an ideal or symbol… while not knowing what presence is behind such.

Be mindful of the Emperor. He uses many, controls many, manipulating legions by using their wanton lusts to commit them as fodder for an evil cause. If he can dominate an entire Order… surely he can dominate a weak-minded soul.

Weakness… is ignorance. Know your Lord.